Had a wonderful fall tour with Oslo Jazz Ensemble up in the beautiful North!

Thanks to the lovely venues and audiences!

Read nice reviews from Tromsø and Harstad here (NB! In Norwegian):

Itromsø: https://www.itromso.no/feedback/konserter/2020/09/11/Vakkert-fra-ende-til-annen-22652940.ece?fbclid=IwAR1XMApxOwz8QgmxXtmWwPlPG2BuP-NHx38FaG4j7qBvWLh569LbSYuixUo

Harstad Tidende: /files/1077752/en-kveld-der-jazzen-varmet-godt-harstad-tidende.pdf

Oslo Jazz Ensemble & Torun Eriksen with new music @ Oslo Jazz Festival!

"På Hjertet" live from NRK!

Dear fans and listeners! Due to the current Coronavirus situation, all spring shows are cancelled or moved til autumn 2020. New dates will be posted asap! Stay safe❤️

Torun is currently writing new music commissioned by Ensemble Denada with premier winter/spring 2020. Stay tuned!